Admiral Freebee has Nothing Else To Do

He’s back! Admiral Freebee is back after almost four years of silence! Tell it to the world! He finally is back! And how…

Admiral Freebee - The Great Scam

He’s starting to sound more and more like Mick Jagger if you ask us on this song, but other times he reminds us of Tom Waits and sometimes even of Frank Zappa. And don’t get us wrong, that’s a good thing!

Awaiting the release of his new album The Great Scam (out in a month, can’t wait) Admiral Freebee released a music video for the new single Nothing Else To Do. Enjoy!

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Working Overtime by The Sore Losers

The Sore Losers had quite a hit in Belgium with Girl’s Gonna Break It (reminded me a bit of The Black Keys), the first single from their announced album Roslyn. The song got quite some airplay on Studio Brussel, Belgium’s greatest radio Station.

Waiting for the pending release of the full album the band now has launched a new single Working Overtime:

The full album Roslyn will be released on February 2nd 2014: